Ace Blend | Plant Based Protein Powder with Natural Antioxidants
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Ace Blend’s Ingredients

  • Tomato

Natural Antioxidants

Daily Dose of Protection

Best of Nature, Gift Wrapped.

Natural Tomato Lycopene meets Grape Seed Extract ​meets Green Tea Catechins
to provide the body with the most superior antioxidant shield​.

Why do we need antioxidants?

  • Incomplete sleep
    Incomplete sleep
  • Imbalanced diets
    Imbalanced diets + processed food
  • High pollution
    High pollution in the air + UV rays
  • High-stress levels
    High-stress levels
  • Alcohol/cigarettes
    Alcohol/cigarettes (even a few drags)

Any of the above simulate free radicals in your body. Free radicals (incomplete cells) disrupt healthy (complete) cells. This can cause a rapid chain reaction, disrupting millions of your healthy cells.

Overpopulation of free radicals​ causes oxidative stress. Oxidative Stress can damage ​your internal maintenance team - DNA, proteins, lipids & eventually linking to a range of diseases​ and rapid ageing.

Go Natural

Fight Oxidative Stress

Ace Blend’s ​antioxidants​ assist in protecting your healthy cells. Treating your body to them is the nicest thing you could do, for anyone. Crafted from amongst the most powerful, Ace Blend packs antioxidants that have double the power of Beta Carotene & are 10 times more powerful than Vitamin E. Ace Blend assists you every day, most effectively.

Sun-Protected Skin

Sun-Protected Skin

Ace Blend’s lycopene is proven to protect your skin​ from the damage of the sun’s UV & infrared rays which accounts for 80% of skin ageing.

These ingredients hinder premature wrinkles and overcome skin roughness.

Enhanced Immunity

Enhanced Immunity

The ingredients are supercharged anti-inflammatory inhibitors​ which naturally help shield the system​ against the effects of germs & toxins.

With Ace Blend, it's now easy to optimise your immune response.

Green Tea Catechins

Green Tea Catechins

Natural Tomato Lycopene

Grape Seed Extract

Positive Blood Flow

Positive Blood Flow

Our quality ingredients are, as established by research, among the most effective natural ways to maintain a positive blood flow throughout your body & brain, keeping your arteries healthy.

Don't wait to improve and extend your brain’s focus and embrace a healthier heart with Ace Blend.

Brain & Memory Health

Brain & Memory Health

Grape seed extract is a superfood​ that has the power to permeate the brain-blood barrier ​and ​help safeguard optimum brain activity​ while assisting its memory processing ​(hippocampus) area too.

Lowered oxidative stress in the brain also helps lower cognitive loss with ageing.