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  • Tomato

Nature at its finest.

Blended most caringly for you.

Rich Vanilla

Rich Vanilla

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Raw Chocolate

Raw Chocolate

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Green Lime

Green Lime

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Plant Based No Sugar Added 100% Vegan Gluten free Soy free Globally certified

Your Ace Blender


Your Ace Blender is a slick, premium bottle crafted with the best intentions for your body & the environment.

The Blending Ball inside allows a smooth mix for your daily Aces.

The compact & portable blender can be effortlessly clipped, tucked or looped inside your office, gym or hand bag.

Rs. 280

MRP of Blender is 350


Ace Blender
  • BPA Free

    BPA Free

  • Recyclable


  • 100% Leak Proof

    100% Leak Proof

  • Food Grade Approved

    Food Grade Approved

  • Non Toxic

    Non Toxic

  • Safe in Dishwashers<br>+ Easily Cleaned by Hand

    Safe in Dishwashers
    + Easily Cleaned by Hand


People are loving this right now.

60 days pack

Pack of 60

Super 60

Super 60 supply in both flavours.
Your steady supply, at the best price.

Your first supply of Super 60 includes an Ace Blender.

*Not applicable on promo codes

60 sachet

60 sachets

Rs. 6200

*MRP Rs. 7020

Barley Grass

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